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Welcome to fall! by Danielle Gillan

Welcome to fall!! Did I ever mention how much I love fall? The temperature, the smell in the air, the apple picking and halloween costumes.. every bit of it! Also, the routines. I crave routine and structure and after a crazy hectic summer I think that is what I am looking forward to most, that and the occasional cozy home day! 

I realize that my blog has been pretty quiet this summer, but don't let that fool you! I have been a super busy beaver this summer with work, weddings, family time and oh... growing another tiny human being ;) 

I hope to get caught up on the blog in the coming months to show you all of the fun I had this summer, it was definitely one to remember! 

In response to the inquiries I have been receiving for family shoots this fall - for the time being I am completely booked up. If I happen to get all of my weddings finished up before all the leaves fall I might take on a few sessions.. I will be sure to post to my facebook page/blog if I decide to do so. Thank you SO much for understanding. As much as I wish I could say yes to each and every one of my inquiries, alas there are only so many hours in a day :(

Also, I have decided to take on a handful of weddings for 2017 although I will be on maternity leave. Be sure to send me a message if you would like to chat about your big day!

And because every post is better with a picture... here is our big girl as she set off on her first day at the 'big school' (which she is loving every moment of). Yay! (A special thank you to a fabulous friend for the sweet sign, thanks for thinking of us Sam!!)




Since I've recently discovered the value of the mini shoot for families with young children, I thought I should give a little rundown of the main differences between a mini shoot and a full custom photo session. 

Firstly, neither session is better than the other as they are both wonderful ways of preserving memories of you and your family. The biggest difference between a mini session and a full session is the type and amount of photos you receive in the end. See the comparisons below to determine which type of shoot fits your family and needs best. 

Full sessions offer:

  • 1 hr+ session at time and location of your choice
  • unlimited poses and family member combinations
  • mix of posed and candid images
  • wardrobe changes
  • online gallery with approximately 35 images for digital download
  • images fully retouched
  • perfect for new families or those who haven't had recent family photos 

Full custom sessions are a wonderful mix of posed shots and candid moments. Full sessions typically unfold like a regular outing to the beach or park to which you happen to bring along a photographer... kids are encouraged to run, play and just be kids. Don't worry, we'll also sneak in the posed portraits and typically get more relaxed, genuine expressions through this approach to a session.  

Mini sessions offer:

  • restricted to date/location of photographers choice (indoor or outdoor)
  • many families booked on same date & location and each family selects a 20 minute time slot
  • limited number of poses
  • typically a predetermined stylized shoot 
  • no wardrobe changes due to time constraints
  • online gallery with 10 images for digital download
  • minimal retouching
  • perfect for milestones and holiday photos

Mini sessions are typically posed, smiling at the camera shots that are a great keepsake for holidays and milestones. Mini sessions are normally reserved for children but I certainly don't mind everyone jumping in for a casual group shot if time permits. Mini sessions are offered at various times throughout the year and normally based upon interest level so drop me a line if you are interested in a mini session in the near future and keep an eye on this blog and my facebook page for information on the next session.


To wrap it up, I am 'that' mom. I need photos of my babies at every milestone, season, change in the weather. For me, mini sessions are perfect because they are quicker, cheaper and offer just a handful of photos for capturing the various stages of childhood. That being said, our family typically does a full custom session at least once a year due to the 'realness' offered by a candid approach to a session.