We'll call this.. breather season! / by Danielle Gillan

As much as I don't welcome the cold, window scraping, dark mornings, there is something to be said for the freshness and newness that January offers. Not only does the new year present a great reason to get a fresh start on my lingering 'to do' list around the house, as well as a natural beginning point for all those new habits I want to introduce (or old ones I plan to kick to the curb), it provides a great breather season from the craziness that I came to know and love in 2009. 

2009 was a wonderful year for me in many ways, but the one I'm referring to in this post is the whole reason I am writing this, and you are reading it... photography. It is really amazing for me to look back on where I started with this whole thing last spring, and where I am now. I have learned SO much over the past year, but most importantly I have gained an even deeper desire to learn so very much more. Between the 2 am editing sessions with my alarm set for 6 am for my full time job, the what I figured were frost bitten but turned out to be just really really cold shutter pressing fingers and the constant reassuring facebook messages to my friends and family that "yes, I am still alive and I will someday be able to see you again, just 5.75 more sessions to edit" I've realized that photography is part of me, and this is just the beginning! Thank you SO much for all of your support over the past months, all of you! Here's to another wonderful year of learning, 4 hour night sleeps and those wonderful butterflies in the belly brought on by 'oh oh oh' monkeylike sounds after catching a glimpse of something special in the viewfinder.

That all being said, I am heading into a slower time of year when it comes to shoots and I'm really looking forward to taking the time to research future products and create some great pieces to showcase what I will be offering this upcoming season. Stay tuned this winter for those updates! As well, I will use this time to bring you up to speed with some fantastic fall shoots which I didn't get the chance to post yet.

Whew, that was a lot longer than I had planned.. oh and by the way, I've never claimed to be a novalist, nor an English major.. so don't hate ;)  In an effort to get all caught up with the great sessions I had this past fall... I present to you a stunning little lady and her beautiful Momma. Enjoy!